Everyone who participates in this program becomes a Dirt Detective! Archaeology is the study of material remains of cultures. Archaeologists use what has been left behind by a particular culture such as buildings, books and other writings, tools, and trash to learn about that culture.  These items are then used as clues to figure out how people lived in the past. Often, the only written record of history is made by people who are wealthy or part of the ruling class, if at all.  The everyday life of common people can be easily lost.  The study of archaeology attempts to fill in the gaps left in recorded history.

Dirt Detective Program

Tools such as trowels, buckets, and sifters are used for the initial dig.  Rulers and even toothbrushes can help students gather more evidence about their findings

On Site Activities

 Search for artifacts and eco-facts in a mock dig setup

 Sift through sand to find items

 Clean, measure, and categorize objects found

 Share and compare findings with the group

"It was amazing how much our tour guide knew!"

- Shannon from St. Augustine, FL

The archaeology tent contains many examples of artifacts and eco-facts to help students identify their items

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